As an artist to look at the world and I look at how I can make ordinary things appear beautiful I love that revolves around color how can I create that vibrant color green in the leaves and the shadowed green highlighted green

See so much color around me and so much beauty messy so much pain and anguish nice to hear and I think how can I make today colorful vibrant happy and full of life.

I haven’t quite figured that out yet for today at least I’m watching a butterfly flying around in my garden and I see the beauty that my passion is to create it. Some of my favorite times of been well I’ve been in school writing creative essays or more recently hairstyles and color. My entire life every time I’ve gone to school I had to leave for medical reasons. I’ve been contemplating the last few weeks as to what I can do physically to attain a meaningful education. I know I’m smart I strive to be the head of my class with grades sometimes I make it sometimes I don’t but eventually my physical body breaks down and I have to leave school. Regardless how passionate I am about a subject of my body just can’t keep up with me. So here I am again at home researching endlessly reading articles and theories trying to keep up with my home life. I’m once again left with a gaping hole where my love for learning has come to this stand still. I love the creativity has come to a halt. And I’m left aching like a wounded deer trying to stand back up and walk after car has hit me.

So I’ve turned this blog yet again to try and release my creative flow but this time I’m trying to make it more positive. I have a need to create to inspire, To rise up against all oddsand show the world I do have a place I do belong here. So I’m sitting here and I’m trying to come up with topics to talk about so here it is color.

I was reading somewhere today I can’t member where about so I just coming up with a new color. And history our most challenging color has been blue. Thanks and see you slightly discovered a new way to create blue that’s not toxic and doesn’t take natural resources like lapis lazuli. Supposedly it’s long-lasting doesn’t fade fast.

I’m rather curious to try it out and see how it works, I’ll let you know the results when they finally put in production.

This is a short one because I keep getting interrupted by children you have any ideas on topics I could work on let me know.