Am I Still a Conservative?
Jay W. Cobb

It’s your white male identity which holds the label of conservative. Minorities & women (white women are the exception) that drives you to want these 3 items. Is not Germany prosperous? China? Free reign economics works for products & services not so much for healthcare & education (although unions have ruined these two & the liberals who run the unions have turned out to be corrupt as the politicians). Until USA deals with apartheid society & affords all freedom in Constitution we will not uncover the benefits of any political system. Europe has done this &the election of trump places USA in stature it was at prior to WWII~an isolationist nation that was once great. You government & ppl working together during WWII made America great & the inventions funded by government & the talk of principles of equality (although it never existed) were the envy of the world. You also need to ask yourself why YOU are concerned & should have the right to control another person’s body? Do you have the right to determine what Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell do with their body? Then why are unknown women’s reproductive bodies of any concern to you? Conservatism in the USA seeks to control women’s bodies, but DO NOT offer any solutions for their political decisions, such as universal childrens healthcare, education, & daycare. Europe has rebuilt & trump given USA to Russia for now. As Reverend Wright said, ‘The Chickens have come Home to Roost’ for the original sin they cannot face.

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