In which a Saint Mary’s professor challenges her students to give back

Nursing Professor Ella Harmeyer’s career has focused on community issues in nursing. Today, on the eve of the 24-hour Donor Challenge, she had a message about community — and a challenge for Saint Mary’s nursing students and alumnae. In an email to students this morning she wrote:

Ella S. Harmeyer, associate professor of nursing at Saint Mary’s College

“I love Disney — most all of you know that; maybe not the sophomores and first years! I am also really attached to Saint Mary’s College and have been teaching here for a very long time. My nursing majors course is all about Community. I also enjoy a challenge and some healthy competition. So when the Belles Give Back Campaign was announced I thought it sounded like the perfect venue for having a little fun.”

She went on to challenge first-year, sophomore, junior, and senior nursing majors at Saint Mary’s to give during the 24-hour Donor Challenge on Thursday, April 6, 2017, to help the College reach its goal of 3,500 donors in a single day. For each student class that reaches 100 percent participation, she will give an additional $50 to Saint Mary’s for a total gift of $200. She added that she would give an additional $50 if all nursing alumnae participate in Saint Mary’s day of giving event.

She explained:

“The importance of giving is a central component of who we are. Community is also at the center of our lives and Saint Mary’s College will always be part of your community, even after you move out into the next chapter of your lives. Communities are successful because of each of us and how we support them. Whether you have $1 or $10 or $25 or $100, all of it can and does make a difference. So here is your chance to begin a very tangible support of Saint Mary’s College and have a little fun with it.”

On April 6, students can give online or at gift tables in Spes Unica Hall (from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.), or in the Dining Hall — where chicken nuggets will be served during lunch, and the student Easter meal is on the menu for dinner. Please note that you are a nursing major on the gift form.