Hollywood Knows Women (TM)
Leslie Loftis

Confession time: I actually liked Force Awakens and I thought Rey was a decent character (although she did seem held back by the director’s hyper-awareness of the fact that she is a girl and therefore she MUST NOT ever do anything that would smack of female stereotype). But I, too, was extremely offended by Abrams’ characterization of Star Wars fandom as being a boy’s club, and acting as if the original series had nothing to offer to girls. For one: um, LEIA?! Love her. She’s not out to prove herself as a woman, because nobody thought to tell her that she needs to do that. She was totally more BA than Black Widow, Lara Croft, and Ellen Ripley combined, because she was entirely unaware of our western sex wars. For two: why does a story have to center around a woman for women to find it compelling? I’m a woman, but I’m also a human.

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