Thanks for the link Rachel!
Gail Boenning

It took me a long time to figure out that daily writing, just for the sake of doing it, wasn’t going to work for me, because I really put a high value on hard work and perseverance. For some people though, it really does seem to work. I don’t think either type of person should try to persuade the other that “their way” is inherently superior.

At this point I have a goal of writing every day, but the writing process starts long before I actually sit down. I try to be aware of where my trains of thought are going and ask myself “would this make something interesting to write about?” Most days there is at least one thing. And yes, my most-recommended article is a silly, tongue-in-cheek listicle about how to get read on Medium that I dashed off in the throes of Christmas preparations! You never know what people are going to enjoy.

Thanks for the early birthday congratulations! We are sucking up every second of this parenthood thing like a kid with a slurpee! I can’t believe that birthday is coming up already.

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