Well, I’ve identified my target audience as 40–75 year old women with some college education, older…
Karen DeBonis

Jack Herlocker I thought I felt my ears burning (is there an emoticon for that?). Thanks for tagging me!

Karen DeBonis I would definitely be interested in reading something like this, even though I am not in your target age range. I am an ardent admirer of the ordinary (while at the same time believing that there is no such thing). I just spent some time pottering around your site and it is great! I loved your story about going to the fabric store — definitely relatable, although in our case it wouldn’t be the fabric store since I can barely even sew enough to replace a popped button.

So do you publish all your blog content here on Medium as well? I know I’m following you but I will have to make an effort to engage with your work more so I can make sure it shows up in my feed.

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