I believe the need originates in being bowled over the by ease with which your articles read.
I’ve been trying to put together something less poetic and more article-like lately — I’m not…
Patrick Faller

Patrick FallerThis is probably one of the nicest things I’ve ever heard about my writing, because I know exactly what you mean and it is a trait I admire in other writers. That feedback came at a moment when it was particularly needed, too. :)

I know I’ve said this in comments on your work but I find the same can be said of your poetry, and I am not a poetry reader (although there are a couple people here on Medium who are tempting me to convert). I am fascinated how you pull in your readers, don’t ever give them real answers, but they leave somehow satisfied anyway.

I can relate with the feeling about not wanting to own an ethic that seems to have grown organically out of a creative work. An idea for a short story has been knocking around in my head these past few days, actually, but it’s darker waters than I care to swim in, plus I haven’t the first clue how to go about writing a short story. If it becomes so insistent that I can’t get rid of it, maybe I will try writing it.

And of course now we are all dying to read the poem. I think you’d better publish it now.

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