I was hoping you — or anyone willing to engage in civil discourse — might answer some questions I have about the future of your party.
Hey Ryan,
Stephanie Georgopulos

Stephanie Georgopulos, I saw this and I know it’s late, but I wanted to chime in. I am 29, Christian, conservative, and Never Trump, so I think I fit into the demographic you’re looking for. I was a Republican before Trump won the nomination. After he became the official nominee, I jumped ship. I spent the rest of the election cycle trying to convince people that it wasn’t a waste to vote for a third party candidate. I hoped that my voice would be received in circles where a liberal one would not. I think I maybe changed one person’s mind (it’s been a discouraging year).

When Trump won, I was shocked and horrified. Conservative friends tried to cheer me up: “But aren’t you at least glad that Hillary didn’t win?” No. No, I wasn’t glad. I was terrified that the country had just sent the message to the Republican party that something like Trump could work. With a Trump win, I just don’t see a path to Republican reform. Like Trump, they only care about winning. As long as the guy with the ‘R’ at the end of his name won, they don’t need to change anything.

I’ve researched other parties. The Libertarian platform is attractive to me, but I’m not willing to compromise on abortion, and besides, they have the same problem as the Republican party right now: neither their electorate nor their nominees represent the values stated in their platform. The Constitution party does not have enough of a healthy appreciation of the separation of Church and State to satisfy me.

Mostly for the cathartic value, I wrote this article after the election. I currently have no party. This is what a party would need to look like for me to join it.


In answer to your question about representatives currently serving who model what I’m looking for: I voted for Rand Paul in the Republican primary, and also contributed to his campaign. For me Paul represents the best of Republican ideas and the best of Libertarian ideas. Michigan Congressman Justin Amash is another Republican politician who aligns pretty well with my views.

Thanks for your query, and thanks for the follow!

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