Ms Darnall:
Mike Essig

Thank you for this, Mike Essig. I really appreciate that you read the story and took the time to respond to it at such length. Your response is full of so much good advice and wisdom. Contentedness with a reasonable amount of happy moments is all I ask, and more than most get. I am on the young side (though probably not as young as my profile pic makes me out to be — I am 29), and our marriage is only 2 years old. I appreciate hearing this message from someone who is divorced — people who’ve been divorced sometimes like to tell young whipper-snappers like me that things don’t last; preparing them for the worst, which I suppose they probably think is a favor. It’s nice to hear someone saying “it can be done”.

What you said about war and never being alone is profound. To have someone always with you, always watching your back, always on your side, is a gift that I think very few people don’t wish for in some form or other.

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