Thanks for your reply, Rachel.
Karen DeBonis

Thanks Karen, and likewise!

Do you have a defined audience?

I really do writing in two separate audience spheres, which do have some overlap here on Medium. My “regular life/humor” writing tends to target the “disgruntled ordinary masses” who are obstinately content with their hum-drum life and committed romantic relationships. I really love my life and I want my writing to present an alternative picture to the “desperate housewives” narrative. I’ve found kindred spirits both young and old amongst my readers.

But so far, I don’t cross-post, so if I have something appearing elsewhere on a curated site, I won’t post to Medium. Do you think that’s a mistake?

I believe some sites have rules about cross-posting, but I would say if it’s a piece that appears only on your blog (which of course you make the rules for), by all means cross-post it here. My writing got very little readership here until I started posting with almost-daily frequency in December of last year. I can assure you that there is definitely an audience here for the kind of writing you do, and in fact there is a demand for it that the few writers who are doing it are hard-pressed to meet. Personal, low-controversy stories about ordinary life are more popular than you might think, if you can eyeballs on them.

Michelle Hozey, Roy Schlegel, meet Karen if you haven’t already.

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