This is How it Works

I’m standing in the grass.
I look at the stars and close my eyes.
I hear Detroit and through my eyelids-
The paranoid glow of arc sodium.

Chilly wind ruffles my hair. 
I can smell spring in the air.
I look down and see my shadow-
The intrigue of absent detail, but 
Somehow I can make out blades of grass.

I look for the moon but find Saturn instead.
Floating through the debris field
I examine the ringlets of an icy bygone moon.

A tug on my hand—
I’m walking forward 
The silhouette of a man, dog, and large
Horned tree, I wonder if that owl is around?
The wind slows 
I am winding down, 
but before I go-

One last look at the stars- 
My consciousness fights free
And once above the earth 
Looks back and wonders about the man below.

I’m in two places at once. 
I fall. 
I embrace it.

Very tiny in my ear,
I hear the dull buzz of a jet 
No not yet.

And the wind kicks up
A reminder I guess

I open my eyes
Tyrion sits quietly,
Facing the house 
Letting me have this moment and 
perhaps having one of his own.

And I can’t help to think about the enormity of it all
And my small place in it. 
No, I think. Not small, not to me.

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