How to choose your partner company?

Reliability of your components provider is crucial in the successful process of creating the new product. At Beltrade we consider “reliability” not only as being on time with delivery or giving you the best possible customer service experience, but also as being your partner, who will know your product as well as you do, and will advise you with the best solutions on each step of production.

Looking back, at all these 16 successful years of Beltrade, we know, that choosing right partners is more than needed — it’s crucial. Our partners are also your partners — that’s why we have very strict terms on which we choose with whom we will collaborate.

Today, we’d like to tell you more on what are the values and business aspects we take under loop before starting the collaboration with any new partner? Without any prolonging…

Quality of products

First one is quite obvious. Before any partnership, we’re testing products of a potential partner in all possible circumstances and in all possible configurations. We take a look into production process, portfolio and other relevant factors.

Ability to change

All three sectors that Beltrade is working within, home appliances, automatics and lighting, are changing dynamically not year by year but month by month. That’s why we make sure that our future partner is able to change and adjust into markets needs.

If you are a Designer or Production Manager you know best how quickly the market can evolve into the direction that nobody predicted before. Ability to react on time is crucial for your success.

But as we mentioned before — the partnership is not only about being reliable. It’s more than that, it’s about advising you the best solutions. We work closely with all of our partners and try to predict changes and trends that will have an impact on your sector withing next years. A good example, and also a good read, is a latest report of lighting revolution written by @Tridonic.

It also happens often, that your product will require a modification or totally new solutions if it comes to the component. Flexibility and being ready to create something from the scratch or modify current one — it’s also something we pay attention to while choosing our partners.


We are always sure that components you ordered will arrive on time and without any problems. That’s crucial and we fully understand that. All of our partners have proven track record and portfolio os successful realisations, no need of worry something will go wrong.

That’s it!

Today we have told you about three factors that we take into consideration while choosing a right partner. We think they’re all crucial equally, that why all of Beltrades partners are fulfilling all of the mentioned conditions.

Though note, that today was only a first part. Watch out for the second next week!