The week is coming to an end, but the work doesn’t stop. Being part of such a project and witnessing rapid development from idea to execution is something very special.

Wireframing for Beluga Pay APP

The wireframe for the Beluga Pay app is well in progress, we’ll be able to share further details with you soon. In the meantime we have provided a roadmap on our to website to outline future objectives.

Frontend and backend, something we are all familiar with in this digital era. Sometimes they can work against each other but they are truly inseparable.

The Beluga Pay APP’s frontend is advancing rapidly through the first phase of development which is a functional, visual representation of the app in real time. Our goal is to make merchants lives easier, one of the first steps in this journey is beautiful, easy to use and intuitive frontend design.

Today we started testing many of the advances the development team made on Beluga Pay’s iOS app. One of the most important points that came up during our testing is that developers will start spending more time on testing functions before passing it over to QA. We are hoping to have a more optimized testing flow.

Currently the backend team is laying down the groundwork for our software, connecting each facet of Beluga Pay to make sure everything is functioning as intended. In the next couple of days we will be demonstrating more advances, as we’re mapping to test in real time for different merchants. We’ll keep you updated.

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