A match made in heaven: Deep Dish Pizza and Cryptocurrency

Chicana uses Beluga Pay to accept VISA, Mastercard and track their cash sales. Soon they will be accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

Over 200 merchants today currently use Beluga Pay’s product to accept VISA and Mastercard. Our clients range from clinics to restaurants to golf courses . Over the next few months we will be featuring select clients as we roll out cryptocurrency payments to these merchants.

We believe that merchants accepting VISA, Mastercard AND cryptocurrency in an all-in-one system is the best way to expand the number of active users in our cryptouniverse.

Chicana Deep Dish

If you are into deep dish pizza and beer then Chicana is the place to go. On Foursquare, Chicana is scoring a 7.9/10 on Foursquare, we think they have one of the best deep dish pizzas in town.

We sat down with Chicana owner Rafa Navarro to briefly discuss their business and how Beluga Pay is helping them grow.

Watch the video below (apologies regarding the sound 😳, turn on subtitles and will be using an external mic from now on)

Turn on subtitles

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