Translation and community management bounty

1.5% of BBI tokens sold during the Beluga Pay ICO will be distributed to bounty participants. This is worth up to $500,000 based on the ETH/USD pairing on 16.10.2017.

20% of the bounty fund will be rewarded to translators and those who manage a localized bitcointalk community.

To apply:

1) Complete the Beluga Pay Survey

2) Join the Beluga Pay Telegram

3)Join the Beluga Pay Bounty Telegram and speak to a moderator.


5 stakes — Blog posts
10 stakes — Website
10 stakes — Translate a localized thread + 20 stakes for activity, moderation and updates (bounty manager discretion)
50 stakes — Whitepaper

Please make sure to read the full rules located in our Bitcointalk thread


● Translations must be original, using any kind of automated software will result in a disqualification
●You must have verified translations by other reputable projects
● All tasks must be approved by a Beluga Pay bounty manager on Telegram.
● Ann thread Translator is responsible for keeping their thread active and answering questions.
● Translators are expected to complete submissions in a timely manner.
● We are open for suggestions of any language

Please do not submit a request until you have been approved by a moderator in our Telegram group.

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