You’ll never guess which baseball stadium is the first to accept cryptocurrency

Last week Beluga Pay launched a beta test of its new all-in-one mobile Point of Sale system (mPOS) that accepts cryptocurrency, VISA, Mastercard and cash.

When we think of baseball today, our mind goes directly to the thought of the Los Angeles Dodger or the Houston Astros. However, in this case our beta test of Beluga Pay’s mPOS happened south of the border in Mexico’s 2nd biggest city, Guadalajara.

The Charros Stadium was specifically built for the 2011 PanAM Games and it was fun to take their customers on a trip into the future. Our limited beta test happened within the stadium’s restaurant called Jardin Central. We are hoping to roll out throughout the stadium in the next few months.

The limited beta test was done using Ethereum, Visa, Mastercard and cash. We will be deploying more mPOS systems with Jardin Central to test scalability and delivery.

We invited a few of our friends from our local crypto meetups to attend, have some beers and give us feedback. The most popular product request was that we should add bluetooth receipt printing capabilities for customers directly in app.

Most people have never heard of Ethereum in Mexico and we found ourselves explaining cryptocurrency during the baseball game. Showing people (who have never heard about ETH or BTC) in realtime how digital currency translates into a cold beer is enough proof that crypto is real money and can be exchanged for value/goods.

Mexico is Latin America’s 2nd largest economy and over half the population remains unbanked. Mexico offers a massive opportunity to hit a homerun.

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The Beluga Pay Team

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