How To Get Ripped With Yoga.

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Dean Pohlman’s first yoga class was entirely on accident. He says:

“I was looking for the tailor and stumbled into a Bikram Yoga studio. I had always been interested in yoga but had never taken a yoga class before that day. I asked the yoga instructor if this class would help my athletic performance. [At the time I was a lacrosse player for the University of Wisconsin.] She told me that it would help me tone my muscles and make me much more flexible. That was exactly what I was looking for. Two hours later, drenched in sweat from head to toe, feeling like I had just exited the pool, and utterly exhausted, I had just completed my first yoga class. It was, and probably will remain, the hardest workout that I have ever done. From that point on, I was sold.”

After two months of doing yoga consistently, Dean realized that the benefits of yoga extended far beyond flexibility…

“My level of limberness skyrocketed, and so did my endurance, body control, core strength, and balance, just to name a few of the benefits I was experiencing. More than that, it made me even stronger in the weight room.”

Dean first began instructing yoga as the conditioning coach of his lacrosse team in 2011. That success encouraged him to take his knowledge and passion to a larger audience, and in January of 2013, Dean founded Man Flow Yoga in order to bring the physical benefits of yoga to as many people as possible, and since then, Dean has been teaching at gyms, parks, workshops, international retreats, and online.

As you can see in the photos above and below, Dean has certainly figured out how to get ripped with yoga, and in today’s podcast you’ll discover:

-If it is possible to separate the movements involved in yoga from the spirituality and philosophy of yoga…

-What makes Dean’s form of yoga different from other forms of yoga…

-Why the the yoga industry has done a poor job in reaching the male audience or the extreme fitness crowd…

-What you’ll find in Dean’s book “Yoga Basics for Men” (use 25% discount — “BENGREENFIELD25” — on the eBook)….

-And much more!

Questions, comments or feedback about how to get ripped with yoga? Leave your thoughts below, and be sure to check out Dean’s book “Yoga Basics for Men” (you can use 25% discount — “BENGREENFIELD25” — on the eBook).