Yesbets Review 2017 — UK Matched Betting Software EXPOSED

Yesbets Review

Many who have read the blog before will know that I’m a huge advocate of matched betting software. The main reason for this is to reduce the risk associated with human error when it comes to making real money from matched betting. I stumbled across matched betting at university and haven’t looked back since. In fact it funded what in hindsight was a rather extravagant university lifestyle. This week I’ve spent time testing the Yesbets software and provide my Yesbets review below.

yesbets review

What is matched betting?

By using mathematical formula it’s possible to use free bets offered by bookmakers to earn in excess of £1,000 per month. This is carried out by what’s know as backing a result at a bookmaker and simultaneously laying the same bet with a bookmaker. This will allow you to bet the bookmakers free bet and then withdraw it. Free bets can vary anywhere from £10 to £100 and as you can imagine adds up quickly.

For those new to Matched Betting read this beginners guide by clicking here.

Is there any risk involved? If undertaken correctly there is no risk involved in matched betting. Correctly is the key word. Human error is the only risk when it comes to matched betting and that’s why thousands of seasoned matched bettors use online platforms to assist with the automation of the process.

Yesbets Software Review

For those that are new to matched betting software, there are two types of platforms on the market. One is a full service platform which will provide everything from walk throughs of the free sign up bonuses to matched odds checkers to betting calculators. Examples include the likes of Oddsmonkey, Matchedbets and Profit Accumulators. The second type is a simplified version with a limited scope to carry on earning once you’ve used up the limited number of sign up bonuses. Think Profit Squirrel etc.

Having reviewed Yesbets I’m afraid to say it falls into the second category. Whilst the layout of the pages is relatively straight forwards the number of initial sign up offers is significantly less than competitors. This will impact on both initial and long term earnings.

yesbets software review

Read on more within this Yesbets review to find out why I rated the platform 2 stars. Alternatively take a look at my recent reviews for Oddmonkey, Matchedbets and Profit Accummulator.

Yesbets Cost

At £14.99 per month, Yesbets is a similar cost to Oddmonkey, Matchedbets and Profit Accummulator.

Yesbets Platform Review

Now lets dive into the platform itself. My initial comments would be that it’s slightly on the simple side. Whilst this isn’t a bad thing initially once you’ve get to grips with the software you may run low on opportunities to earn further profits.

One thing I do like about the software is that during the step by step guides you can track the amount you deposit with each bookmaker. With other platforms I have to keep an excel spreadsheet to ensure I don’t miss any. Another great benefit is that the software has the Oddsmatcher built into the instruction page. Those that have read my Profit Squirrel review will know that I hate having more internet windows open than I need to. The less windows the less risk of human error, simple.

yesbets review

Again the Matched Betting calculator is displayed in the same page. This is easy to use with options to track profits / bets within the platform.

What do I get with a Premium membership?

With Yesbets you receive access to the following:

  • 50+ Sign up offers: By way of comparison Oddsmonkey offers nearly 100
  • Access to the Yesbets Community: Some useful content. The forum is relatively quiet but a good group of people.
  • 40+ Video Tutorials: These were easy to use.

Closest Competitors

For the same price you can gain access to the well established tools such as Oddsmonkey, Matchedbets or Profit Accumulator. Whilst I was happy to pay the £14.99 for the purposes of this Yesbets review, I think the long term value is limited. My reviews can be found below:

Oddsmonkey Review / Matchedbets Review / Profit Accumulator Review

Customer Reviews — Don’t just believe what I say…

yesbets software review

Yesbets Review Summary

Whilst the site looks reasonable it lacks a number of components expected of a full service site. If you were to sign up I’d agree that you would be able to make a profit in your first couple of months however I’d expect this to reduce quicker over time than most other platforms. All in all, the lack of long term earning potential is why I’ve rated Yesbets 2 out of 5 stars.

As always I hope you’ve found this Yesbets review useful. Take some time to read some of the other articles below and please do share this post if you think any of your friends will benefit from risk free cash.

If you want to make the most of the current Oddsmonkey free sign up offer click here.

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