My Story (i.e. About Clay Collins)
Clay Collins

Clay — I’d heard snippets of your interesting story from Kevin, but this detail was very thoughtful, interesting and admirable. (Not to mention, inspiring).

My first recruiting job was at a startup, and 7 years later I quit a cushy Fortune 500 recruiting gig — at a place I loved and where I thought I could retire — to start my own consultancy: 4SightSearch. Part of this was influenced by my wife’s job as a hospital social worker within in a children’s and young adult cancer area, and realizing how crazy and precious life can be.

I started 4Sight without a single referral or piece of business, and had to pick up the phone and generate business in one of the toughest B2B sells and highest-margin businesses their is. But I’ve been thriving because I absolutely love what I do. You’re so right about doing something simply because you love it, and how the rest will follow. I hope we can work together again someday, as we briefly did a few years ago. I also might have to consider your company’s products!!

Thank you for sharing.

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