Organise your life for just £1.80 a month with @todoist

Todoist Premium costs £21.99 a year- around £1.80 a month. The free version is excellent but once it starts saving you so much time (and money) you will want to upgrade.

It’s a beautiful to-do list application that works across every device that you use. You can organise what you need to do so easily and once you complete a task you simply swipe it off (very satisfying) your list. Everyone loves the feeling of putting a line through a completed task on a paper to-do list.

I can vouch that the feeling is just as good in the app.

Once you start using Todoist you quickly see how you’re buying more time back in your life as you can focus on the important things that need to be done today and forget about everything else.

Three ways to get the most out of Todoist

  1. Labels- These help you filter down tasks based on where you are or what you need to complete a job. Two of my labels are ‘iPhone’ and ’10 minutes’. So if I have to call someone that task is given the label of ‘iPhone’. I can filter my tasks to see what ones I can complete on my iPhone. The ‘ten minutes’ label is handy at the end of the day in the office when I can quickly complete jobs that I estimate will take that length of time. You can make up labels on anything to suit how you work.
  2. The ‘Next 7 Days’- This is a great feature that allows you to scroll through your week ahead and see what you have to do on each day. Once a week I spend half an hour just going through the ‘next 7 days’ with my work and personal calendar open and moving tasks around. It’s helps you become so much more organised.
  3. Recurring tasks- I use it for reminding me about those jobs that come up each week. So for example, my daughter needs her football kit for school on a Tuesday and my bins need to go out on a Thursday. Adding due dates to Todoist is simple and you make it a recurring task just by typing in the time period such as ‘every tuesday’ or ‘every weekday’.

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