Learning to Code is Non-Linear
Sunil Sadasivan

Great reflection Sunil. While I don’t to much coding myself, I certainly understand the inflection point of programming. Once you hit it, the rest seems to click.

Also seems that once you learn most languages, you can pickup others with far more ease than learning any language from scratch.

My previous boss was a programmer from a very young age (he worked for EA at age 12. If you played an EA arcade system in the late ‘80s/early ’90s, there was a good chance he programmed the control system). While he had his preferred languages, it seemed to only take a few minutes for him to enderstand any new language.

Getting back into programming is something I’ve had on the list for quite some time. Reading your post has inspried me to move it higher on that list and really be certain I take another look at it in the coming months. It’d be nice to do more than simply modify code to make it do what I want, though it often seems a skill that I have a hard time really retaining unless I’m constantly using it.

Thanks again for sharing your insights.

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