Interesting point around the RPA bit, do you see some use of NLP based RPA available today?
Matt Szaszkó

Yes there are many RPA solutions that leverage learning, AI, NLP, Semantic Analyse, Efficiency optimization.

Just think about that from a point of scale and the OCR of documents even. When there is enough data the process can optimize and improve. It can analyze, match and predict data points.

However when you are starting it is a challenge leverage NLP as you do not have enough data.

In the world of Chatbots there are systems like Watson, Howdy and even what excites me is solutions like with ALICE 2.0. There are companies that will provide you with their NLP data so you can build off that.

This becomes the advanced challenge for any chatbot creator. How language changes from location to location and person to person. This is also a change for RPA when it is analyzing and interacting with Human based triggers.

The world of ChatBots and Robotic Process Automation is certainly exciting.

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