You got 40 days or get out!

This happened to me this week. I now understand it is a blessing in disguise. Let me explain why.

There is nothing like the pressure of a dead line to make things happen. If you are anything like me, I need a deadline to make things happen. Closing deals, to just completing a project.

Imagine this for a minute…

You are on the phone with your lawyer speaking about your immigration. (Think that you are in a foreign land… just play along) Then it’s noted there has been a paperwork mix up. This is the point when you seem to hold your breath and press the phone closer to your ear.

This mix up means you don’t have the expected 7 months to complete the paperwork you thought. You have 40 days or have to leave the country.

Let that sink in for a minute.

You have been expanding your business based on a plan of 7 months. You have been testing and optimizing your business model around the thought of “having time to get it right.”

Then you’re told that you no longer have 7 months. You have 40 days to get this plane off the ground before the runway is destroyed. Ohh and if you don’t get the plane off the ground, you run the risk of having to walk away from everything you have been building for possibly 10 years.

Imagine that… being told to leave your house, friends, car, bank accounts and told to come back in 10 years! No, you can’t visit because if you do, they will not let you into the country.

That’s the moment when I sat down and took a deep breath.What am I going to do now?

What would you do?

Would you surrender? Breakdown? Reach for a drink or double down?

Here is what I did after I explained our options to my wife, of 5 years.

I went back to my office closed the door and got to work. I started to make unreasonable requests from everyone. I got on the phone and made a specific asks.

I defined the product we are launching and how it is going live in 7 days, not 7 months.

What this has taught me is that being comfortable is a liability.

Don’t think you have time to take action. You only have now. This moment so, do what’s unreasonable today. As tomorrow is determined by what you did yesterday.

Because I can tell you first hand that it pissed me off. I got angry with myself thinking that I had time. Thinking that we can take it easy. Thinking we got this so let’s use the full runway.

But being lazy with time only prepares you for failure, not success.

So the thought that I leave you with is this.

What would you do if in 40 days you had to get out?

If you don’t achieve your goals, you face a hard reset. Think of the reset like you have to leave the country. Walk away from everything and start again somewhere else. That’s what I mean by a hard reset.

Here is my ask of you

What do you need?
 What’s it worth to you?

Answer these questions and message me and I will help you. Reach out to me here:

Because I am playing to win. I am playing live me life counts on it because right now I have 38 days left on my reset clock. How about you?

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