Gartner stated: “By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise…
Barbara Ondrisek

Your are 100% right. The point of me quoting this was to get people to think that the way they are doing things now is not the way they can, should or will be doing it in future.

The future point might be next week or next month or next year.

There are many automated experiences being created and we take for granted these interactions on a daily basis. For example the difference in accepting and processing payment in different countries.

I usually deal from the perspective of marketing and lead generation. So what I speak about is focused are these engagements in different countries. Always understanding the existing human behaviour and making it faster, easier.

Our culture is certainly in a self help/self serve market and it is amazing how many business owners are trying to prevent this and complicate the process.

Thanks for the comment I really appreciate the feedback.