Money system in Tunisia.

So. Here we are, Tunisian people. I suffer for the last couple of years about the money problems we have. It’s not a Money or a financial problem. But more like an Online Money issue. For instance, we as Tunisian people. We use credit cards in ATM. but our credit cards are only valid in Tunisia, which is a bummer.

Last week. I was trying to buy a new video game called No Man’s Sky through steam. And here we are. I can’t… that’s due not to having Online Credit cards, or International ones. It’s not that there’s no Online use for cards. It’s only made for certain people. Such as Travelers.

It’s honestly a matter that i care about. I like having the way to buy things online, and not to call someone who lives in Europe to buy me what i want.

There are more than still. Why don’t we have GameStop ? Well… The Tunisian government refused it. Why ? … i have no idea.

And ? What about PaySafe ? . PaySafe is not available somehow.

It’s not a big deal for me. But it’s always a huge difference.