The 8 Steps to Passing Advertising Industry Practice. Step Six: Try Not to Forget You Have Other Subjects

Aka: Oh, you already did? OK Then.

Even though you wish all you had to focus on barely passing was this one subject, you unfortunately have other subjects with classes you haven’t been to yet. Generally these are an elective — aka: a subject you thought would be interesting and then turns out to be not that at all — and a contextual. You’re contextual streams classes are a lot like choosing who you want to be Prime Minister. You have only really two choices, you don’t want to pick either of them, and they both sound like a massive disappointment. So you go ahead and pick the least worst one.

I picked Asian Cinema. I picked wrong.

Now although this is a guide to passing Advertising Industry Practice, it’s also nice to pass other things, even if you just scrape by.

So it’s about half way through the semester and you’re at the point where you have given up all hope and traded going to class for sleep. Do not fret, I have one weird trick the will make the lecturers hate you!

Sometimes it doesn't work.

Now all you have to do is make sure you remember the date things are due. You do remember right? Good. Unfortunately like most, you probably remembered with 3–5 days left to write a 2000 word essay. Time to load up the computer, Load up the coffee, and pull the all nighter of all nighters.

Have fun!

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