Musical Haiku

Something that’s frustrated me as a solo musician — I have a bunch of parts and ideas but I have no idea what to do with them. I can write music with a band — that part’s easy. When I want to do something that’s entirely me, it’s hard to get things feeling complete.

This ties into the ‘lone genius’ myth. Nothing happens in a vaccum. But how do I share and show my work to develop it more when none of it’s finished?

I’m going to try something, a kind of forces structure, to force myself to share bits while still making something valuable. Creativity comes from constraint. The form/structure I propose? A kind of Musical Haiku. Has it been invented yet? Probably. Will I re-invent it? Yes.

What does this form mean? Essentially an ABA’ format.

Start with part A, 4–8 bars.

Go to part B, 8–12 bars

Back to part A, 4–8 bars, but a little different.

This allows you to tell a story with these scrap parts, too, and can help you think about how to join them or change them. The setting is part A, the adventure is part B, and then you return home to A, having changed/learned something. Shoutout to Dan Harmon.

Here’s an example:

Let me know your thoughts!