As usual, excellent writing, Ben.

Good questions, Reflexions. I know there are thermal power stations in Takoradi and Tema, and 2 other hydroelectric dams besides Akosombo. Ghana has made some strides regarding solar energy, but with solar there are many factors to consider on an individual basis (costs for panels, longevity, theft, etc). On an industrial level I believe Ghana did make a deal with a UK company (Blue Energy) to have a solar plant/park built in Ghana, and in essence the idea is for the Ghana gov’t to purchase the energy from this company to be infused with Ghana’s power grid, once the plant goes live. You can learn more about this project HERE. I don’t think this particular project is projected to add much energy to Ghana’s power grid (+5.5%). But it’s a start. I am keen to see how the specifics of the deal play out in the years to come.