The phrase ‘service model’ is something I’ve found myself using more and more in recent years. I’ve seen it used elsewhere in different contexts as well.

So what are service models? Here’s my definition:

“Service models are a way for organisations to create, test, and scale the design of whole services.”

If a business model is how an organisation operates, then a service model is how we shape and align design decisions to ensure consistency and quality as we build, pilot, and scale whole services.

This is also different from how I think about operating models, or more detailed blueprints for how something is intended to operate. A service model is more how to design whole services, but starting from smaller component parts of what will eventually be part of much larger complex systems with interdependencies. …

“Digital working shouldn’t mean 8 hours of video calls a day …teams are massively overlooking instant (written) messaging, and the power of writing things down clearly, understanding tasks, responsibilities to get on with work independently.”

It’s an interesting insight into how people are feeling when an incidental tweet like this starts to go viral.

My Twitter network is mostly a mixture of digital and design people, including many people that work in the public sector. …

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We believe in councils as the unit of change.

Back in September, we joined thousands of young people, businesses and local authorities in declaring a climate and ecological emergency, calling for a collective response to addressing the climate crisis.

While we face an immediate crisis of responding to a health pandemic, supporting the organisations we work with across government and the health and third sectors, we’re also continuing to keep the longer-term in focus. The changes we’re all experiencing are starting to point to how we will need to think about the impact of future changes to our lives and work in response to the climate era.

It’s more important than ever that we share what we’re learning, connecting work across our organisations and the sector. …


Ben Holliday

Chief Design Officer, FutureGov / also find me at hollidazed.co.uk

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