Strategic Communications can get you into many different fields of work. Anywhere from marketing to running a political campaign. Strategic Communications is best known for its PR work.

Campaign management is why i am studying strategic communications. It teaches students how to articulate through speaking and writing with ease.

At Liberty University Strategic Communications is a diverse degree that trains champions for Christ.

Over the course of the 2016 election there has been many ups and downs. Donald Trump fired his campaign manager in June 2016. After firing his head campaign manager trump could not go very long without talking to him. People on his team said that trump would call Corey Lewandowski everyday.

Lewandowski is not directly working for the Trump campaign anymore, but is still helping out on his own so that Trump can find success.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mooks has been apart of the campaign from the start. He is busy planning out the many paths to the white house for Clinton.

As the race is coming to a close, everything is getting more intense. Mooks says that trump has very few roads to the white house that do not look promising.

Campaign Management can be a very hard and fast paced career. It requires you to think quickly on your feet at all times. Over the past spring I had the opportunity to work along side the Marco Rubio Campaign and learn how things were run. Overall it was a fun and exciting experience.

Running a political Campaign has many important steps. You need the right tools for the right place. Technology is the backbone to a good campaign in 2016. Hiring a good campaign staff is also very important. When Trump had to fire his campaign manager it was most definitely a set back for the entire campaign.

You need to also figure out a budget and the heart of you campaign. These tie directly into the candidates personal beliefs. Overall Strategic Communications has many opportunities that will hopefully lead me into political campaigns.

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