Twitch is a home to us all. Extroverts, introverts, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from on Twitch. It’s the one place many people feel comfortable enough to be themselves. We’ve all come to Twitch for one of the same reasons being you wanted to see a game played, watch your friend play, watch a giant art piece or robot being created. Possibly simple enough to just say you joined Twitch looking for friends, and regardless if that is the reason you joined or not I’m sure you have made some along the way. If you’re new and you haven’t yet, I promise you’ll find some of the most amazing people to be your friend.

We can all say Twitch is our home and a wonderful place, and it is, however we need to face something. Twitch is growing and with that growth comes some less than friendly people who like to cause havock or talk down towards others and streamers. It’s a fact we sadly have to acknowledge. The thing is we can do something about it.

I encourage every one of you to tell your friends you care about them, compliment them, be welcoming to new viewers. Who knows they could just become your new best friend. We might not be able to ever 100% erase the bad from the community, but we can most certainly change the amounts of both. We can take a chance and be more positive and supportive. If we just spread Twitch with love there will be no room for anything bad to be noticed or fit.

So please, go have fun. Make friends and always. #BleedPurple

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