GDC 2015 week | Gender Neutral Restroom | Ins and outs

Kleykamp had the privilege of taking a week off work and going to the annual Game Development Conference in San Francisco. GDC 2015 started March 2nd and went until March 6th. Notable lectures was Space X, and a former member of the White house gave a talk. There were plenty of networking opportunities and events throughout the week where Kleykamp made several interesting connections. Here is a small list of gaming dev teams countries that attended GDC; Russia, Romania, China, Japan, Finland, Netherlands, France, Canada and many more world connections helped Kleykamp understand how vast and diverse the gaming culture and dev teams really are.

GDC 2015 March 2–6 week San Francisco, CA Moscone center
GDC 15 North Hall leading down to the Expo and Indie Floor.

At first Kleykamp didn't know exactly what he wanted to get out of GDC. “It’s best to go with an open mind and take in and listen” to get a feel for how people carry themselves throughout the week. “I’d say Monday and Tuesday were honeymoon phases” where those who were still adjusting to the timezone and culture shock found themselves warming up to the thought of socializing more. Towards Wednesday and Thursday everyone started asking more questions and the social honeymoon phase fizzled out. It was more enjoyable towards the end of the week. Where Kleykamp understood the ins and outs of GDC week.

Moscone West Third floor towards the back. Gender Neutral restrooms. Awesome way to not leave anyone out.

Kleykamp used his first Gender Neutral restroom during GDC week. “It was kind of surreal washing my hands next to a random female stranger in a public bathroom.” While the bathroom had urinals and toilet seats everyone using the washroom did their business and left. No eye contact or words were exchanged in the bathroom. Hopefully these types of bathrooms will be finding their way to the east coast since they allow for less resources and space. They also encourage the idea for people who do not identify as male or female. It’s certainly an different way of thinking. These restrooms can change the acceptance for those who don't believe they belong in a gender specific wash room. #genderequality

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