How to Start & Get on the Map with Erin Smith

Many entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, and writers have been in a place where they felt stuck with their brand. They likely felt like they were spinning their wheels, unable to move their business forward.

In our latest Cashflow Podcasting episode, we talked to Erin Smith from The Starters Club, about some of the common mistakes people make with their businesses and what they can do to get unstuck. We also dig into what launching a podcast has done for her own brand and how it helped Erin get on the map as an influential business coach.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • Who Erin Smith is and what she does at The Starters Club.
  • The main elements that people need to have in place to help them continue growing their business.
  • How Erin got started with podcasting.
  • How her business has changed since she launched her show.

Click here to hear Erin’s story and how she was able to leverage podcasting to get on the map in her field.

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