CONNECT is Canada’s largest education technology conference.


UGC Niagara has been something special since 2012.

This video game event is an interactive, community-driven experience that Jet Set Studio has developed with the District School Board of Niagara and their partners the past 4 years. Each year this regional eSports event would break attendance records and bring thousands of gamers together online and live at the video game tournament. It’s always fun in Canada, but 2016 will be a different experience in Niagara Falls.

Alongside UGC Niagara, an interesting concept called CONNECT 2013 came to life.

This brought the #EdTech community together for a learning, education and technology conference in Canada. This conference also grew like crazy and really brings amazing people together.

I’m personally excited for CONNECT 2016, as I’ve been invited to speak on community building during the event’s final day! This will be a memorable speaking engagement, as it’s the first time I’ve received an international invitation to share how passionate leadership and the art of connecting others can inspire innovation within an entrepreneurial community.

CONNECT 2016 Featured Speaker Bio

As a featured speaker, my goal is to energize fellow community builders and inspire great discussion. Being with so many DSBN friends will be a treat and I’m excited to also work through ways we plan to continue the legacy of UGC Niagara while I’m in Canada for CONNECT 2016.

Grab your passports and we’ll see you back in Canada, eh!