It’s funny, I literally just chose to compose a Tweet instead of diving into this important reflection on The Icarus Deception audiobook I just finished.

Since Twitter got an early shoutout, let’s start with the full book-reporting Twitter stream and thought-tracking hashtag: #TheIcarusDeception

This is my discovered method of tracking an entire stream of short thoughts using Twitter. What I’ve found is that this is my fun trick to really absorb audiobooks.

If you scroll down after clicking the date from this Tweet here, I have to think my future self will enjoy the read/reflection. This latest experience with The Icarus Deception was a barrage of “Tweetable Moments” from Seth Godin’s hairless brain, all packed into 6 discs!

I unfortunately missed meeting Seth Godin at EntreFest 2015 earlier this year, but after exchanging a variety of other titles I had shared within our weekly 1MC community (on cds to make passing fun!), this little bueaty was brought to me by a friend at 1 Million Cups Des Moines. That’s how I was introduced to it as TID landed in my growing collection. It intrigued me.

After finishing a couple other audiobook and often writing about them here on Medium, I dove in listening to this starting back in June 2015. It was always so enjoyable, but with so much inspired thought being continuously shared, it took forever to get through, haha! I had to look a ways back in these writings to find the last little follow up using a recent audiobook listen. It was The Alchemist most recently it turns out, but who cares. I enjoyed this for every single minute as I was traveling, mowing and unsuccessfully going to sleep whenever I tried that. I would get stuck staying up just to ensure I didn’t miss the next Tweetable Moment. I remember The Alchemist keeping me up sometimes with its parables to tweetfully track, but it was definitely more of a relaxing audio experience.

The Icarus Deception is something that if you can fall asleep to, you’re not listening well enough.

Anyways, besides a huge segue, here’s a few thoughts on The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin.

But first, lol, here’s a fun little page with 10 visual quotes from Seth Godin, haha. I’ll use these another time. Alright, back to this book, eh?

So I had heard of Seth Godin from this EntreFest event I wasn’t able to attend as we were only in Iowa City for the day before he spoke. That’s was a fun trip with the Global Insurance Accelerator, but that’s probably a whole other story, so we’ll stick to this look back at my time listening to this mysterious writing from this Seth Godin guy, who I would learn is like one of the most read bloggers on the entire Internet, lol!

As if he was writing short thoughts into stone, Seth released a fury of pointed ideas, questions, insight, warnings, encouragement and so much more into what I bet looks awesome in the papers of a book form. I feel like you’d need an entire highlighter to mark up an actual book, haha!

So instead of re-writing so many of my favorite thoughts from this, why not utilize the book report that I basically crafted using Twitter. I know I already linked us to whole list of Tweets right off the bat, but besides just writing/sharing these quiet little Tweets, it’s important to enjoy a look back, especially for such meaningful thoughts all flowing so smoothly continuous. In fact, I actually had fun starting right back from last evening, where I finished listening by staying up late (12:35AM) on a school night.

Considering my first Tweet compared to this one featuring THE END, I shouldn’t need almost three months to get through these sweet audiobooks, haha! As I’ve shared before though, if you really want to soak in a solid audiobook, especially a non-fiction writing on hardcore personal/business development like TID and these other ones I’ve enjoyed lately — Contagious, Ideas, Greatness and Legend — somehow taking the extra time to reflect, rewind and reflect some more on the continuous onslaught of audible-thrown knowledge grenades…must be seriously considered to allow audiobooks to make their proper impact.

Fortunately, audiobooks are awesome, haha!

Whether it’s mindlessly snow blowing the cold white powder or mowing in the hot sun, I’ve learned and shared with many, that listening to books is like free knowledge. This audiobook would actually make me almost get excited to mow the yard and even get me to spend more time doing it, haha!

When these types of Tweets would drop, they were examples of how I‘d be listening to TID and would literally shut down the mower, stand in the middle of the yard, and rewind the audio to soak it all in and make sure the Tweet was perfect!

When traveling, I’d be forced to use a notepad offline, then ramble off a cluster of sweet thoughts together. I’d lose a few followers each time, but who cares. Here’s two examples within two fun little strings like this.

Seth Godin speaks about creating ART in life, using “art” less how you’d think of it in an art classroom, and more to basically describe anything you create.

Whether it’s the art of connection, the art of building a new product, the art of coding, the art of dancing, the art of ANYTHING that brings you alive, Godin shares what feels like a billion awesome thoughts on about a million different angles perfectly conjoined by the author.

I’ll say this, Tribes will be one of the audiobooks that next rolls through the HDD of my phone for bit, haha! I have to imagine my passion for connection and bringing great people together through community building will be the sweet topic of this next book I plan to embrace from this Mr Seth Godin.

Ok, back to interesting Tweets that became a part of 36 individually tweeted thoughts.

I researched this Buddhist figure, Prajñā, which was referenced as Seth connected fear and the misconceptions that can skew your view of reality. Kamiwaza was another interesting concept in this realm.

Here’s another fun little memory that I was reminded of as I wrote this. I led a small team to bring 1 Million Cups to the next level in Des Moines and can’t think of a more involved effort to fuel entrepreneurial, friendly and community-building energy every single week. It’s a long story, but I remember when Trace from How Factory and recent Iowa Startup Accelerator graduate, came over from the Cedar Valley startup community and had a great pitch in our hype new venue that brought 140+ people all together and has now continued every Wednesday since. In fact, it’s to awesome not to casually drop this recent 1MC event photo. This evolution deserves more time and it’s own writing, but this will do for now ;)

Alright, so how about a few thoughts that wouldn’t fit in 140 characters.

On the traveling moments where I was offline, but still tracking my thoughts as I enjoyed Seth’s words, here were some powerful mental objects that didn’t make it to Twitter!

Habits of a successful artist:
Learn to sell what you’ve made.
Say thank you in writing.
Speak in public.
Fail often.
See the world as it is.
Make predictions.
Teach others.
Write daily.
Connect others.
Lead a tribe.

I’m thankful, because as Seth read off this list towards the end of the book, I truly felt I was a part of experiencing almost all of these. I wonder if Travel could ever be including into this list, but how awesome did hearing this and thinking about my own life make me feel? It was marvelous, in case these brainwaves don’t align, haha! Here are a few more longer thoughts I had written down, but couldn’t truncate into a Tweet.

7 Daily Habits For Artists
1. Sit alone, sit quietly.
2. Learn something new, without any apparent practical benefit.
3. Ask individuals for bold feedback.
4. Ignore what your hear from the crowd.
5. Spend time encouraging other artists.
6. Teach with intent of making change.
7. Ship something that you created.

4 common mistakes that allow you to hide:
Busy is brave
A mentor will change your life
Waiting to get picked
You’ll soon learn the secret

Creating art is a habit.
The impresario takes what’s available and makes magic.
Explore the edges of your passions.

Build with assets that matter: Trust, Remarkability, Leadership, Stories, Humanity, Connection, Compassion and Humility

Maybe I’ll delightfully close here. Seth’s ideas have once again kept me up and we fly to Florida super early tomorrow, but I just created more art by writing this and cheers to knowing I’ll enjoy it again some day. Yes!

When those who love you speak of a life well lived, we’ll talk about the lines you managed to color outside of, the people you touched and the raucous you made. Most of all, we’ll remember how you took a chance and connected with us.

Fun Footnote: I love how I wrote this entire novel and only now do I realize I never even commented on the whole Icarus analogy in Seth’s book title, lol

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