I want to be an Idea Machine.

Ben McDougal
Jan 29, 2015 · 2 min read

I listened to the first half of another audiobook yesterday. I’ll avoid sharing a book review to stay concise, but Chapter 14 of “Choose Yourself” by James Altucher was called “How to Become an Idea Machine”. This random book was a fun holiday stocking stuffer and it was quite divergent from my first audiobook experience, Contagious. In this new audiobook, the author’s challenge is to carry a pocket notepad (of paper) and every day, literally generate and document 10 ideas. Not every scribbled idea needs to be groundbreaking and most will just get tossed away…but exercising your mind this way could transform us into this mythical Idea Machine, haha!

Although it’s tempting to say some new mobile app would work to save time documenting your 10 daily ideas, I wonder if the act of physically writing quick notes and small doodles is actually part of optimized success?

I believe physically scribbling my 10 ideas on paper each day may be part of the idea evolution! While listening to this chapter and before it was even over, I had made my online purchase.

Two small paper notepads.

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