There’s never enough of it, yet I continue to try and talk myself into taking the time to document the thoughts, ideas and adventures in life.

I know it may sound a bit egotistical, but I’ve experienced some amazing things, met fascinating people and truly believe that my impact on the world is still yet to be fully realized.

I don’t know if Medium is the platform where my writings belong, but I’ve been humbled and inspired by leaders who have chosen to share their stories here. After way too much time considering the right way to organize my own writings, it’s time to just do it.

I look forward to scribbling my thoughts into a collection of my own stories that I know I’ll enjoy reading later in life. I’ve always believed in the power of an engaged network and hope others may somehow expand their mind by interacting with my thoughts, but I want to avoid the temptation of worrying what others think. Here and perhaps only here, I hope to make time and stay absolutely focused on expressing pure, transparent and meaningful thoughts so that my future self can reflect on the adventures of a beautiful life.

May the best of today, be the worst of my tomorrow.
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