Do You Want To Look Better Naked?

Let’s get right to the point. You want to look better naked, right?

How do you think you do that? By losing weight? I’m sorry but that’s the wrong answer.

You do that by losing fat.

We’re under the wrong impression (once again, thanks to the wonderful fitness industry) that exercise and eating healthy is all about losing weight. And while that is somewhat true, did you ever see someone who lost weight but still doesn’t look much better? They look “skinny-fat”?

What happened was that they lost weight, but that weight was muscle. They didn’t do what they needed to do to build or maintain muscle while losing fat.

So how do you lose fat instead of weight you ask?

By strength training and eating protein.

Strength training is going to give your body the stimulus it needs to build more muscle. To capitalize on the stimulus, you need to eat protein to support the synthesis, or growth, of muscle tissue. The great thing about building muscle tissue is that it’s metabolically expensive meaning that your body needs to expend more calories to be able to support it (your metabolic rate speeds up)

Don’t believe me?

I’ve seen people actually gain weight yet look much better. How’s this happen? They lost fat and built muscle through the avenues mentioned above.

If you continue to do this over time, you will look better naked. I promise. It’s that simple. There are no tricks. There’s no magic. Just a few simple steps mixed with consistency is all it takes.

My name’s Ben and I want to change the fitness industry. I want to show people that this shit is hard and that it take’s time. There’s no magic pill. It takes longer than 30 days. Hard work and consistency will get it done every time.

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