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Stacy Stephens, Chief Client Officer of Knightscope

In this episode of the Masters of Data podcast, I speak with Stacy Stephens, Executive Vice President and Chief Client Officer at Knightscope. Stacy and his co-founder created Knightscope with a mission of making the United States a safer place. We talk about how Stacy is achieving these goals through the creation of robots.
To start, Stacy shares his background leading up to where he is today. Stacy has had a long journey, starting with a passion for aviation, then aerospace engineering, and finally finding himself in the world of finance. 10 years after his work in finance, Stacy realized his passion for law enforcement through a friend who was a police officer. …

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In this episode of the Masters of Data podcast, I speak with Jorge Lozano, leader of the data science team at Steelcase. We discuss the application of data in the real world and how data science is adapting to the needs of the businesses it serves. Steelcase is a hundred-year-old company, the largest office furniture manufacturer in the world, and now a great example of a business utilizing data science.

Jorge first shares his background and where he started. He gained a bachelor’s degree in economics and started his career in business consulting, but decided he wanted a more quantitative role. In 2011, he became the Pricing Analyst at Steelcase. Jorge Lozano then shares what attracted him to data science and the compelling opportunities there. In this first formal role at Steelcase, he was part of some initial key breakthroughs in data science at Steelcase. He had an engaging leader and together they delved deeply into statistics and modeling. …


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