Why “Go Back To Your Own Country” Is The Dumbest Thing You Can Say To An Immigrant Who Criticizes America

“If you don’t like it here, go back to your own country.”

This is something I hear frequently when I criticize some aspect of America, whether it’s the country’s hilariously poor gun control standards, or its terrible, terrible candy. Someone always gets offended that I’d be even slightly critical of the Land of the Free™, and decides that the appropriate response is to tell me to fuck off home to England.

Let me tell you a little something about why I moved to America. I didn’t move here for a job. I didn’t move here for a relationship, to be with someone. I moved here because I love, I genuinely love this country. I love the ideals America represents — that you can be anything here, do anything. That anything is possible. America has its problems — my God, does it have its problems — but people here believe in something.

Britons believe that failure is inevitable. Americans believe that success is possible. The British are far too busy fretting over what might be in the glass to enjoy the fact that it’s half full. Personally, I know who I’d rather drink with.

I believe that America can be the best version of itself, even in the face of the madness that pervades this country in its politics, its law enforcement, its healthcare system (or lack thereof), and beyond. I believe this country can be better, and do better, than its doing right now, and I believe that potential is worth sticking around for.

I’m told to fuck off back to my own country by people who were born here, who don’t have the option of leaving. I do have that option, and yet here I am. I’m still here. I’m not saying that makes me more of a patriot than those who’d tell me to fuck off home, but… well, actually, I am saying that.

They tell me to go home. I say to them: I’m already here, and I’m not budging.