Passion Is Bullshit
Max Nussenbaum

Firstly, I agree with you. I’m constantly looking for advice that really resonates with me. Something applicable to my current path. But I’ve learned that what I call “Disney advice”, “just follow your heart!” or “follow your passion” is a quick way to avoid an advice givers ‘words-of-wisdom’. It doesn’t make sense and its left up to the reader to apply it in a way that inspires. And certainly can’t explain what your strong points are or how to fix your weakest ideas.

Sometimes I’m in the mood to be inspired in the most basic way, the way a blog article might talk about ‘what passion is’ or how another individual has ‘…built something awesome’.

But no project I’ve ever been involved in was successful because of passion at the root.

I heard a story this weekend about a guy who runs a comic book store. It barely pays for itself but the guy is passionate about them so He keeps it going. Is that success? It may be for the owner, being surrounded by his favorite thing, and maybe others like him but its proven to be a terrible business idea. Passion does not breed success and could even be dangerous.

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