If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

What a poorly reasoned, typo-laden, fear-mongering useless article. There is zero evidence that Trump’s diehard base will do any such thing as opt out of the American economy should Trump be impeached, especially en mass. What trite idiocy. The farmers will keep all the food for themselves? Are you daft? 99% of food production in America is managed by corporate food giants like Monsanto and ConAgra. The people that work for those organizations are majority seasonal and largely immigrant. Their supply chains are solid and unflappable. Are the truckers going to stop trucking the food? All of them? Can they live without money? How will they feed their families? Stupid bird brained drivel. What an incredible conclusion to jump to with no evidence what-so-ever. It’s like you wrote half the article with some measured level of care and integrity, then decided “oh what the hell let’s just finish this thing off with some batshit crazy illogical conjecture rooted in no fact nor data.” Armageddon-pandering bullshit clickbait right here.

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