Predictions 2017

Ben Sawyer
Jan 9, 2017 · 9 min read

1. VR / AR continues to fail at scale, but the split to casual VR is the story for 2017.

2. Prototyping and easy development tool chains for HTML5/mobile applications start to become major competitive force.

3. Apple cleans up lots of loose ends.

3. Nintendo Switch 3rd-party support will not thrive

4. Adobe makes a big move

5. Apple’s ambition in consumer health & healthcare becomes much more apparent…

6. Voice-Based Games will become a thing…

7. Rise Micro-Service Businesses

8. Niche Hardware is a Big Business

9. YouTube Red Shuts down

10. Food Tech gets even more interesting

Ben Sawyer

Written by

Ben Sawyer helps innovative organizations build games for entertainment, and purposes beyond entertainment including education, health, & science.

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