Tech Predictions 2017 Roundup

Ben Sawyer
Jan 5, 2017 · 2 min read

Last year I made predictions… I’m preparing my predictions for this year. Before I worked on my own I decided to spend time looking at any number of similar, tech-centric, prediction articles for 2017. Lots of discussion of VR/AR, robots, and voice systems.

Here, in no particular order are ones I found, though will say I liked Recode’s, MobiHealthNews’, Computer World’s, and John Battelle’s the most.

What are your predictions for 2017? Put your ideas in the response section below, and if there are other lists to add here let me know.

Happy 2017…

John Battelle/NewShift

Larry Magid

is a bit of an open-publishing platform so there were several to read I found:

Andy Swan :

Bernard Marr :

Sarwant Singh:

Had a couple…

Enterprise :

Tech :


Fox Business

Belfast Telegraph


Design Boom

Had six different ones found collectively here:

John Dvorak


Some Digital Marketing Predictions



Sported a couple of prediction galleries including one with Norwest Venture Partners

Digital Media Predictions :

Norwest Venture Partners :


PC Mag




Network World

PJ media

Silicon Angle


Whole Food via

Apple Predictions for 2017 at Computerworld

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