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What does “plot driven“ mean?

Plot is the beats who want to hit, taking over the order of events in your story.

So for instance: If a woman needs to be pregnant in your story, because you need her to be in order to have a conflict about it later than this is the plot driving the story.

What does character driven mean?

„Character driven“ means the characters are forced into situations where they have to make decisions based on what they want (outer goal). …

If you are like me, and almost every other writer out there, you’re probably struggling with understanding how to structure your screenplay, novel, etc. It took me years to figure out how to go about it.

I studied every aspect of screenwriting there is. For ten years, I absorbed every detail, every publication, and any tip from writers I could get – and I worked my butt off to get to the bottom of it.

Then one day I figured it all out. …

Don’t wait for the world to give you permission to write and be a writer.

You’re not a writer, because someone acknowledges that you are one, you’re a writer, because you write. Very simple, yes and also very hard. I know, if have been there.

The trick is to decide.

With everything in life there is a decision to be made. It starts with getting up in the morning. Do I get up straight away or do i snooze a little more.

See! It’s a decision.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Making a decision, deciding what you want and what…

Most often it is fairly easy to start. You get this rush of an idea and with it comes the adrenaline and the excitement of something new. You feel that this will be like nothing before. You trust the idea so much, you’re even willing to think it can change the world.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks later: You sit in front of your desk and the writing has stalled. The energy is gone, the excitement turned into fear and the result is a bad case of self doubt.

What happened?

It got harder.

At the end of…

There will come a point in your career when you need to approach those people that will give your career a boost. This can be agents, managers, producers, show runners, festival directors, or even just people who are higher up the ranks than you are.

What I’m suggesting here is not based on some kind of secret code, it primarily is the sum of my experiences combined with common sense and empathy.

  1. Do your homework. Be prepared. Know exactly what they have done and what they are doing now. Make sure you fit their portfolio.
  2. If you ask for a…

Perfectionism is killing your progress. It’s usually paired with the fear of failure and maybe even the fear of success. Yes, you heard right! Fear of success is also a factor to be considered.

I thought I share my story of how I go about starting a new project.

First I target something. I set a goal. Like for instance, writing a pilot.

Then I look for inspiration. It can be in the form of news, recurring themes that we deal with today, like health, terror, faith, relationships, anything Zeitgeist.

I often ask around and talk to people a lot…

A habit is a pattern that you can train.

Much like getting up in the morning, brushing your teeth, eating a bar of chocolate each night (yes, sadly habits don’t always only have to be good for you).

A routine is a process that stays the same each time you do it, but doesn’t leave much room for progress.

The danger of every routine is that you keep forgetting why you’re actually doing what your doing and instead, just keep doing it, for the sake of doing it, or even worse, because you are afraid to change something.

A habit…

There are two advices that were a game changer for me and my life as a writer.

They came in the form of an epiphany that let me to understand how to set up three dimensional characters.

Ok, without further ado, here we go:

One: Don’t judge your characters.

Two: The villain has to think he/she is the hero of the story.

Especially when it comes to creating a villain those two work magic.

For one, you can only thruthfully write an antagonist if you don’t judge him/her or their actions.

Two, it will only be a ‚relatable‘ antagonist and…

Every writer, yet every artist has or is experiencing self doubt at one stage or the other. It seems to be part of the game.

Wouldn’t it be so much more productive, if we could just eliminate self-doubt? If we could just flick a switch and all of our doubts would be gone?

To answer this question I have to go back in time a little. To 350 BCE, to be exact. There, Aristotles, whom we all know from his Poetics, stated, that he believed, a child’s mind was nothing but a blank slate.

Later on John Locke (the philosopher…

Does the character deny the truth about their families or his/her own behavior?

Does he/she struggle to acknowledge addiction, abuse, moments of meanness or cowardice?

Does the character live with shame or fear? What does the character do to avoid facing these truths?

But what exactly is a scar?

A physical wound and/or defect that causes low self esteem and keeps the person from leading a happy life. An inner imbalance. Emotional chaos. A feeling of not belonging.

Movies are about a visual desire, something the protagonist wants to achieve. …


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