Why comparing yourself to others is the death of your creativity

The biggest issue I come across when meeting aspiring writers, students and alike, is that they always get paralyzed and stop writing, because, either they just saw a great movie and thought they could never be as good, or someone told them that their work lacks.

Now, it’s clear that no one will be the next Kafka, or Spielberg, or Lawrence Kasdan, but you know what? That is actually a good thing.

We don’t need another one of these. They did and do what they are good at and that’s fine, but just image how boring the creative landscape would be, if we’d all be like the ones who are already doing what they are doing best. We’d hear and see the same stories over and over again, no exhilaration, no evolution, just the work of the great repeated. It would be the death of culture.

See the importance of you as a writer?

Only if you be yourself and be it with everything attached to it, failing and winning, will this make you a truthful and great writer that people want to read.

No one digs a copy, but everyone roots for the underdog, who made it to the top no matter what.

The trick is to put your mind to it. You need to image yourself being at the top, only then will you start thinking like someone who’s on the top.

Don’t think; oh my god they all are so much better writers than me.

Think; How can I take what they did to the next level?

You are the only one holding you back. No one else but you.

If you compare yourself to others it will result in the death of your work, because it breeds fear.

Fear kills creativity.

If you want to succeed you need to change your thinking.

No more; How can I ever get there?

More of; What else do I need to do to get where I want?

Work hard until no one can ignore your voice.

Think positive and the result will be positive. Think negative and as a result you will paralyze yourself and not write.

Seek people who let you evolve, not hold you back.

Try to keep in mind that you can always rewrite to improve. That’s the beauty with writing. Take comfort in the thought that not even experienced writers get it right the first time.

But not writing as a writer denies you to write the next true masterpiece, your true masterpiece.

Your obligation is to make sure you can grow, as a human being, as well as a writer.

Don’t compare. In fact, what is there to compare anyway. They are they, you is you. And you is what we want to read.

Have you written today?