Why just thinking about an Oscar will get you one

Of course not right now and you might want to make a movie first, but stay with me for a second.

Remember those moments when you told yourself: “I cannot do it.” “I will not make it.”

This is where it all starts to go wrong. With this mindset you are doomed to fail. It’s like jumping in the water without being able to swim, but expecting to somehow survive. No one in their right mind would do it, right? Well, of course not, but why do you tell yourself then, before you even started, that you will not make it? You’re smarter than that!

But you can also achieve the very opposite.

Yes that’s right, if you set your mind on winning, you might not immediately win, but you also never quite lose.

Setting your mind right can make all the difference.

Of course we all know that, but we rarely practice it.

Why? Because it would mean that we challenge our fears. That we force ourselves to leave our comfort zone.

It’s a trap.

By telling ourselves that we can’t make it anyway we keep ourselves locked in a self-built cage of mediocrity.

After we have failed we can comfort ourselves with the thought: “See, it wasn’t meant to be!”

Ok, now we’re getting to the bottom of it. But how can you trick yourself into believing you can actually make it?

It is actually pretty easy.

We give ourselves permission to fail.

We take the pressure of.

Of course that isn’t an overnight thing and we need to constantly remind ourselves, but once you’ve seen it through on a couple of occasions you get the hang of it and it becomes a game.

You start pushing the limits: How far can I go this time? How hard can I push before it breaks? And most importantly through this mindset you will be more free and finally achieve more, even an Oscar.

See, that wasn’t all that hard, was it?

Now write your Oscar worthy script and challenge yourself to go beyond your comfort zone.

The rest is persistence and of course practice and patience.