FMSC’s Unique MannaPack Rice Provides Nutrients That Promote Health

Ohio University student Ben L. Schwartz is studying for a bachelor’s degree in journalism. A native of Glenview, Illinois, a city near Chicago, he has been involved in several local camps as a camp counselor and has volunteered with Feed My Starving Children. As a volunteer, Benjamin “Ben” Schwartz packed rice for food packages sent around the world.

Dedicated to eliminating starvation around the world, Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) packs and ships a unique food mixture that helps children get the nutrients they need. One of the organization’s staple food packs is the MannaPack Rice. Developed with the help of General Mills, Cargill, and other major food companies, MannaPack Rice consists of dehydrated vegetables, vitamins and minerals, rice, and soy. A single meal costs FMSC under 25 cents to produce and helps improve the health and growth of malnourished children.

Each MannaPack Rice meal provides a huge range of nutrients thanks to its unique blend. Children get a healthy dose of both vitamin C and B12. These two vitamins promote the metabolism of fat and protein and maintains bone and teeth health. Deficiencies can lead to anemia, fatigue, or depression. Further, MannaPack Rice includes vitamin D, zinc, iron, and magnesium to prevent against everything from joint pain and poor wound healing to weakness, and vitamin A, copper, and calcium to prevent again bone changes and stunted growth.

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