Why Google will soon start losing market share

Every second 4 Billion Internet users generate 70.000 Google search requests and watch 76.000 YouTube movies. Still, the answer on simple questions, like how to fill in our tax form or what is the best diet for me, is hard to find. Is the current way of searching for answers outdated or is something else going on?

Why Google will soon start losing market share

I remember as a small child that I could read for hours in the encyclopedia next to the fireplace. Most information was outdated, but I didn’t care. It was just fun to learn new stuff and get answers on questions I never asked. When Google came, life became much easier. Instead of a few hundred pages with limited information, we now have access to billions of pages with almost unlimited in-depth and actual information. How cool is that!?

We have all that information from all over the world in almost every language, but how do you find that page — or movie — that exactly answers your question? Did you ever searched for “how to lose weight” or “how to prune a tree”? Before the internet and Google, we went to a specialist. Someone recommended by a friend or just the local dietitian or gardener. We asked for information instead of trusting the velocity of the Internet. We knew the specialist spent years of study and practice on that specific topic and by looking them into the eyes, we felt the comfort of trust.

Don’t misunderstand me, I love to have access to the Internet and Google and it’s great to do research on those many specialists who could fit my needs. But it’s getting harder and harder to find that perfect fit. Sometimes I feel, while searching for answers, that everybody is a specialist in everything. But if Google can’t help me anymore while the amount of internet pages is growing, what could be the solution? Walking to local specialist seems old fashioned and going back to my encyclopedia would be silly. I want to have the best of both worlds. I want to have plenty of choices in specialists and I want personal contact. Or am I demanding too much now?

The people I work with believe we found the answer for the best of both worlds, and we call this platform TheONE. At www.calltheone.com we offer real specialists with a huge diversity of expertise. And they are all instantly available through live video chat. The perfect combination of unlimited answers on all your questions solved by the specialist of your choice in a face-to-face video chat. Because in the end, who wants to read an article when you can speak to the writer? I think soon Google will start to lose market share.