Learning to Code: Why I Decided to Start

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Introduction to Code

I knew nothing about programming until a couple of years ago. I completely stumbled upon it while in my day job as an SEO. Dealing with the technical side of websites, I got to know the very basics of HTML. Code was so foreign to me, even with friends in software engineering. It was something completely over my head that only very smart people who have been working with computers their whole lives would ever know.

Over time, I learned more about code, web development, and how much of an impact it can have on SEO performance. It sparked an interest. At first, I wanted to learn to be better at my job, but as time went on, I came across ways that I could use coding to improve my own life or the lives of others. Whether it’s solving problems I come across in my job or building a tool from scratch to improve everyday life, the possibilities excite me and push me to learn more.

How I feel…for now!

After learning a little bit about coding and computer science in general, I have found that this is something I could really enjoy. I am obsessed with the possibilities it offers and think it could be something to pursue down the road.

I want to write about my experience learning to code to both track my progress and help others that are wanting to do the same. Maybe I’ll get better at writing blog posts as I start doing it more, too.

What I Plan on Doing

Since I have my aforementioned job, I’ll be learning in my free time. As with many others that are wanting to learn how to code, I can’t simply quit my job to focus all of my time on learning, nor do I want to. I also don’t have thousands of dollars lying around to shell out for a bootcamp or three months to go away and do so (again, day job).

In the spirit of solidarity in being a young professional, I plan on keeping my learning to code at as little expense as I can. I’ll be focusing mostly on MOOCs like Free Code Camp and supplementing with books, podcasts, and whatever else I may find along the way!

I want to share my experience as I go along.

I’ll review popular learning resources as I am working through them. I want to share techniques or concepts that I learn and even showcase small projects or fixes I find. The more I learn, the more I’ll actually have to write about!

Follow Along

If you are at all curious about learning to code, thinking about starting yourself, or are also learning right now, I hope you can follow along. Maybe you can learn from my experience, improve on things I have shared, and teach me a few things as well.

If you’re not interested in learning to code, you can still follow along for the inevitable fun gifs or to just make fun of my writing.

Follow along with me!
Ask questions, give your two cents, whatever you want. I’m here to share my experience.

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